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Now through February in the studio.

Simply Beautiful, Glamour, Photography Sessions, Creative Catch Studio, Spokane, WashingtonNeed some self pampering?
Need to know you are beautiful?

Want to have some fun getting photos done?
Wanna bring a friend and get photos done together?

Glamour sessions are always more fun with a friend.

Schedule with a friend, and you both take 10% off the price.

90 minute session, personal photo album, professional hair & makeup, and a personalized photo phone app.
$500+ value.

Limited session availability, so Schedule now or call 509-879-3262

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Makeup by Shasta Hankins

Taking care of yourself in the week leading up to your photo shoot can make so much difference on how your photos turn out. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot and the day of too. This will make your skin very hydrated, fill in lines and wrinkles, under eye circles, and give you a healthy glow. Try to avoid drinking alcohol or eating salty foods that may cause bloat. Most importantly, get plenty of sleep the night before your session so you look and feel well rested.

Makeup should be simple but well executed for your session and should appear natural. When doing your own makeup, apply how you would wear it for an average day, but amp up it up a few notches. Apply makeup evenly. Choose light to medium eyeliners, eye shadows, and lipsticks that are only a shade or two darker than your skin tones. This brings your features out in a subtle manner without making it look like you’re wearing lots of makeup. Look for a high quality, oil free foundation and pigment rich shadows and blush. Avoid caking on heavy foundation, or wearing shiny eye shadows or lip gloss: too much shine is distracting on camera, looks wet, and can create unwanted glare.

LIPS – Lip color should be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Also, lip gloss is often effective in making the lips fuller but use sparingly so you don’t get glare!

EYES – Groom yourself or make an appointment to get your eyebrows waxed a couple of days in advance. Your eyes will appear more open and clean for makeup application with a fresh eyebrow grooming. Remember to help fill in your eyebrows with a brow product to define your arch.

POWDER – Have a loose or compact translucent powder with little to no color. Do not be afraid to use more powder than usual. A lot of setting powder is routinely used in fashion and beauty photography to reduce shimmer and make the skin look matte. Professional makeup artists will keep applying powder every 10–20 minutes of the shoot to prevent shiny skin. You should bring yours and apply extra powder regularly. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer if you have any unwanted shine during your shoot.

All of these steps can be achieved with the proper makeup and tools. Most importantly, have fun and keep it about you!

Written by Guest Writer Shasta Hankins of Shasta Hankins Makeup in Spokane, Washington

On Location Makeup Artistry | Specializing In: Wedding and Special Events, Individual & Group Lessons, High Definition Makeup, Airbrush, Photo Shoots & More! | 208.301.2450


When should you hire a make-up artist?
If you are concerned about looking your best for your session, I highly recommend you hire a professional. Shasta Hankins is Creative Catch Studio’s go to MUA gal because she works with you, talks through how much makeup you usually wear, what colors and tones are suited best for your skin type and tone, and she builds upon your usual look to make it camera ready. Our key goal is to create a look that makes your features naturally stand out and lets your personality shine.

Glamour sessions are now offered at Creative Catch Studio. I realized a need to offer a special session for those who needed a little extra fun or to be reminded they are truly rock stars in their own skin. When a glamour/boudoir session is booked, it is for you first and the rest of the world second. Melissa and Jo rocked their sessions.

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Melissa was so much fun to work with — a down to earth gal who wanted to spice it up a bit for herself before her big day.
Congrats Melissa on your wedding day. May your new life as a wife find great adventures and memory making!

Hair by Lindsey D, MUA by Shasta Hankins

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Jo had her session at Creative Catch Studio as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life, with the past year bringing lots of busy life changes. Her and I go way back, and this session was a blast to shoot as you can see her beautiful smile shining through.
I am excited for you, Jo, as you find balance…please share any tips you find along the way! 😉

Hair by Lindsey D, MUA by Shasta Hankins

Model Call! We need glamour and boudoir models… 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s – we want you! Friends, family, clients – if you are interested please email BY MONDAY, APRIL 20th with a snapshot of yourself. We will pamper you, hair and makeup provided!

Please feel free to share.

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Window display for Celebrate Thy Self month at Creative Catch Studio in Spokane.

We are focusing on celebrating thy self in January.

As a portrait studio, we get to witness “Happy is Beautiful” every day. When you walk through our door for a photo shoot, and regardless of flaws in your features, are truly happy in your own skin…it shows…and it is so very beautiful. Those flaws become invisible. Many times, those flaws that the self portrays, become part of an element of your unique beautiful to the world.

When you aren’t happy with yourself… It shows every single time. “I’m fat. I’m old. I have acne. I don’t deserve to be happy. I have a scar. My eyes are too small. My butt is too big. My…. I….” Of course the list could go on and on… if you allow it. This is YOU viewing yourself with a magnifying glass. This is YOU being too critical of all your flaws. When you do this on a daily basis, and compare yourself to the superficial view of the world around you, you are only focused on achieving a superficial better you. The REAL happy you is waiting to be released. All you have to do is “let it go.”

With the unrealistic comparison we put ourselves up against, it affects what we think our worth is, what we are capable of. It is no wonder so many of us are sick and toxic and waiting for our magical happy pill to turn everything right for us. So as a New Year’s gift to all of you, we at Creative Catch are focusing on YOU. On how you can lift YOUR self esteem and YOUR self worth, with only three things — YOUR thoughts and words and actions about YOU!

Come take this very important journey with us as we celebrate YOU!

Like us on Facebook. Do our “Change IT Challenge.” Sign up for our Celebrate Thy Self Photo Event happening on January 30 and 31.

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