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060115_002_5B4A1565So every now and then, one must “unplug” as I mentioned in our May post, Our Digital World. Well, I listened to my own advice, and we went on a little family camping trip to gobble up the beautiful Northwest Washington scenery in the Olympic National Forest, so far from Spokane! How majestic and breath-taking it was. Of course, being a photographer, I took my camera and click, click, click… got some great images. I wanted to share what we saw and encourage you once again to go out and enjoy your beautiful world.


Written by Spokane Photographer Dana Reinke of Creative Catch Studio

Go Hawks!

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12th man lighting on Riverfront Park’s Clock Tower (aka Hawk Tower). – Spokane Photographer | Creative Catch Studio

The finished piece displayed in the room.

The finished piece displayed in the room.

With a newly expanded NorthPointe clinic, Houk Chiropractic and Massage Therapy’s Jay Sherrell, LMP asked for some new artwork to decorate his new massage room. Once Jay discussed it with the boss, Dr. Houk took it one step further and suggested that together we sell the artwork off the wall and rotate it out with fresh pieces periodically.

“Your metal prints have great color and a unique fresh look,” Jay said. “We would like to hang your Spokane Landscape Photography in our new rooms on large metal prints.”

We asked for a snapshot of the walls they were considering hanging Spokane Photography on. He sent one over and we went to work to put the perfect image on metal for his massage room. We sent him a to scale photo from our software to show  how it would look, and he was instantly ready to get it on the wall. Today it was hung, and we grabbed some snapshots to share how this piece added the final touch to finish this room.

Today was the first of more to come. So if you need an adjustment or massage therapy and want to look at some work by Creative Catch Studio, Houk Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Clinic is the place to go!

The best part is, these Spokane Landscape Metal Prints are for sale! If you like what you see, you can buy it off the wall, or we can get it customized for your home and room decor. Call 509-879-3262 or email if you are interested!