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We live in a different world today. The digital world.

A world where we can communicate with a friend living nine time zones away by picking up our mobile device, writing on their timeline and instantly get a response. Or pick up our tablet and Skype them to see them face-to-face, well sort of.

Our ability to connect is so vastly different than it was even 10 years ago, let alone when I was growing up calling my grandparents on a corded phone connected to the wall talking about all the activities I’ve done in the past six weeks since the last time I talked with them. Long distance calling was too expensive to call every day. This way of living is history. Today 328 of my not-so-closest friends will see photos and hear about the meal I ate 10 minutes ago. Grandma and Grandpa cherished those phone calls. Do you think your “friends” cherish your posts? Grandma and Grandpa probably still do, but that’s it.


Don’t get me wrong it’s fun to chat with people I wouldn’t have been able to connect with once upon a time, but really where is that time coming from? Have we magically grown more time with this new digital world? Not when we are talking about real relationships; we’ve actually shrunk it. We are stealing from the people right in front of us for the ones somewhere else with their nose stuck in their digital world ignoring their families too.


As of three months ago, NBC reported that the average American spends 40 minutes a DAY on Facebook. This doesn’t include Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any of the many online apps and games that suck people away from their real life to play with “friends” online. We are so drawn to relationships. It’s right smack in the middle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. We see online interaction as a connection with other human beings, and thus the viscous cycle begins. An addiction like no other, this appears to satisfy two of our basic needs, relationships and self esteem. We get excited when someone “likes” our stuff and agrees with our comment.


We post all our images to our social sites and message them to friends and family. When we get photos taken, we just get a CD of them. For what? So we can post them to a site and plan to go get prints made someday when we have time? Then we put them in a drawer to deal with later. Digital copies of our portraits are fragile, some day we will not be able to access them. A good example is the “air” laptops and tablets. Where do you stick your CD to retrieve those beautiful family portraits now?
Many of us are so wrapped up in the digital world, that we forget the real world. We sit in an empty room with no family portraits on the wall, board games still in their wrappers and upload images to our flickr account to share with the world, and then get sidetracked checking our online game that “needs” our attention, our love.

CCS_RealGames_0515_LRCCS_RealGames_0515_LR-2Once upon a time, you could see a family portrait on the walls of homes. Home was warm and inviting and dinner was cooked and ready for the family gathered around the table. Chatter about everyone’s events of the day were shared there. Today, our walls are bare, and dinner is brought home from the closest fast food place.

Let’s think about what’s really important here. For me, behind the Almighty, my family is a close second. We can all work on that, and spend more time with our real family and less with the ones through the wireless router and 4G towers. Play more board games, go camping “disconnected,” eat at the dinner table together, hang beautiful family portraits on our walls, and embrace what Maslow hierarchy really was talking about, a complete balanced life.


This post was inspired by this YouTube video, titled, “Look Up.” If you haven’t already seen it, take a moment now to view it, and then get off this device and go give a little love to the people around you.

Written by Spokane Portrait Photographer, Dana Reinke of Creative Catch Studio



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Window display for Celebrate Thy Self month at Creative Catch Studio in Spokane.

We are focusing on celebrating thy self in January.

As a portrait studio, we get to witness “Happy is Beautiful” every day. When you walk through our door for a photo shoot, and regardless of flaws in your features, are truly happy in your own skin…it shows…and it is so very beautiful. Those flaws become invisible. Many times, those flaws that the self portrays, become part of an element of your unique beautiful to the world.

When you aren’t happy with yourself… It shows every single time. “I’m fat. I’m old. I have acne. I don’t deserve to be happy. I have a scar. My eyes are too small. My butt is too big. My…. I….” Of course the list could go on and on… if you allow it. This is YOU viewing yourself with a magnifying glass. This is YOU being too critical of all your flaws. When you do this on a daily basis, and compare yourself to the superficial view of the world around you, you are only focused on achieving a superficial better you. The REAL happy you is waiting to be released. All you have to do is “let it go.”

With the unrealistic comparison we put ourselves up against, it affects what we think our worth is, what we are capable of. It is no wonder so many of us are sick and toxic and waiting for our magical happy pill to turn everything right for us. So as a New Year’s gift to all of you, we at Creative Catch are focusing on YOU. On how you can lift YOUR self esteem and YOUR self worth, with only three things — YOUR thoughts and words and actions about YOU!

Come take this very important journey with us as we celebrate YOU!

Like us on Facebook. Do our “Change IT Challenge.” Sign up for our Celebrate Thy Self Photo Event happening on January 30 and 31.

I am... window display detailsCreative Catch Studio, window display, Celebrate thy self, Spokane, Washington, professional head shots, glamour photography, boudoir photography

The finished piece displayed in the room.

The finished piece displayed in the room.

With a newly expanded NorthPointe clinic, Houk Chiropractic and Massage Therapy’s Jay Sherrell, LMP asked for some new artwork to decorate his new massage room. Once Jay discussed it with the boss, Dr. Houk took it one step further and suggested that together we sell the artwork off the wall and rotate it out with fresh pieces periodically.

“Your metal prints have great color and a unique fresh look,” Jay said. “We would like to hang your Spokane Landscape Photography in our new rooms on large metal prints.”

We asked for a snapshot of the walls they were considering hanging Spokane Photography on. He sent one over and we went to work to put the perfect image on metal for his massage room. We sent him a to scale photo from our software to show  how it would look, and he was instantly ready to get it on the wall. Today it was hung, and we grabbed some snapshots to share how this piece added the final touch to finish this room.

Today was the first of more to come. So if you need an adjustment or massage therapy and want to look at some work by Creative Catch Studio, Houk Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Clinic is the place to go!

The best part is, these Spokane Landscape Metal Prints are for sale! If you like what you see, you can buy it off the wall, or we can get it customized for your home and room decor. Call 509-879-3262 or email if you are interested!



You’ve set your family photo session, and now you are ready to make that smile of your beautifully white. Read on…

When you want a bright smile but don’t want all those chemicals in your mouth to do so…try this quick all natural (and good for your teeth) whitener. My son was our model, and we have a before (above) and after (below) of just one use of Uncle Harry’s Natural Products – Tooth Powder. It works like a charm and the best part, you won’t pay the high prices that comes with a bright smile, $60…not $20…or even $6. This bottle is only $3 and lasts forever! It does have a chalk taste to it, not minty like those other brands, but if my 6 year old can man up, you can too!

This miracle smile maker is primarily made from Calcium carbonate (natural chalk). The other ingredients vary a bit depending which tooth powder mixture you get. To try it, you can go to a local Super Supplements or other health food and supplement store, or get from Uncle Harry’s website directly.