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As a seasoned graphic designer, it’s the norm to get projects that pay the bills. Occasionally you get a brand or rebrand identity job, which is lovely  because you get to assist in molding a company’s “look” and the start of their success. But the usual projects consist of junk mail – someone looks at it for 10.4 seconds before sending it to the trash. This fall, I got to be a part of a different and fun project that won’t go to the trash. I got to assist with the making of two children’s books for Avista Utilities in Spokane, Wash. These books will be cherished.

Books designed for Avista celebrating 125 years

Written and organized by Dan Kolbet. Illustrated by local artist Austin Reinkens. Creative Catch was hired to do the production and layout. We facilitated the printing of these books, which was printed by Ross Printing. With 48 total pages between the two stories, they share a day in the life of an Avista employee.

You can enjoy these stories now and share with your youngsters, so they learn all that goes into keeping the lights on and keeping them warm.

My StarLight tells the story a girl, named Ava, who’s nightlight  goes out and she turns to her dad for answers.
(Click to read My StarLight)

All Chewed Up is about Dougie and the discovery of what a chewed up service line, by a gopher named Chewy, can prevent him from being able to do.
(Click to read All Chewed up)

Received well from everyone

The reviews received were amazing and made Creative Catch Studio proud to be part of the production.

As the books were being distributed to Avista employees in December, Dan wrote, “I’ve had a few tear-filled conversations regarding former employees or family members whose jobs were depicted in the books. A friend told me that the books will help her explain lineman work and traditions to her grandchildren. The kids had recently lost their father who was a utility lineman. When your work has that sort of impact on people, it makes everything more fulfilling.”

It feels good to be a part of something impacting so many lives, so many children.