This last weekend, Santa made a quick stop at Creative Catch Studio to take photos with some of the good boys and girls (and dogs too!) from the Spokane area.

Sessions included a 20 minute visit, time to write a letter to Santa, and a FREE 4X6 photo magnet for each family who visited. All session fee monies, which included $100 in cash and gift cards were donated to Teen Closet, a local charity to provide clothes for foster teens in need. Plus, some of our families donated clothes too!

The Jolly Old Man said, “I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with each child, old and young alike, and got to know them better than most photo shoot visits I have.”

All the letters and photos these kids wrote (or drew) for Santa, he enjoyed so much! Then just as quickly as he arrived, Santa was off to finish last minutes details to get ready for his big trip tonight! But just before he he slipped out of sight, he turned around and said, “I will definitely  be back   next year! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to all who visited East University District!”

Merry Christmas!

Creative Catch Studio